Leading and Guiding Groups

A large slice of leading and guiding groups is helping people progress and hone their skills whilst retaining focus on the goal at hand.  As I've helping groups engage with challenge, storming towards a goal and gelling as a team, I've learnt some lessons.

I pulled together techniques I learnt from colleagues and from books on coaching, as well as from being a paddle-sports coach.  Playing out solutions with teams and larger groups, putting together something that works in the field was always the priority.

It's not a coaching 101 - the material expects you to understand a little of the basics of coaching to succeed. But through these tools and techniques, I’ve discovered more about understanding people, their needs, and what makes them engaged.


  1. Safe Enjoyable Learning - The core of developing groups
  2. Catastrophe and Engagement - Pressure effects how we perform
  3. Leading and Delegating - Building self reliant teams
  4. Adjusting Your Interaction Style
  5. Practice Does Not Make Perfect - Learning by doing
  6. Performance and alignment

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