Testing In Production and Observability

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Test (Expect, Alert,  Degrade, Observe) In Production

Are you are looking to ship new code to your users faster, and want to know how to manage the resulting testing in Production?

I was hit with the same challenge when I joined Tes Global a few years ago, where I need to shift from an 'automate, inspect and ship' process to a continual release method that required a level of testing in Production.

As I've worked through this I've been blogging on their engineering site about my exploration of Micro-service monitoring, Testing in Production and Observability.

Set Live Expectations on your Micro-services
Testing in Production means setting Expectations of correctness onto your live system.

Are your Micro-services collaborating correctly?
How to test the collaboration between you Micro-services is happening correctly in Production.

Production monitoring and team work
Make your alerts accurate, exceptional conditions that your team can act on fast.

Building Reactive, reporting systems
Make your system resilient by using Graceful Degradation and monitoring to not let down your users when broken code is shipped.

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